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Friday 8th April 2022.

"The planetarium visit gave children the opportunity to experience awe and wonder within the dome as they were taken on a thrilling tour of the Solar System.  Colin was extremely knowledgeable, fully answered children’s question and the overall experience left children excited about Science and space exploration - a perfect activity as part of our science week"!

Many thanks

Clare Brewster, Head Teacher

South Crosland Junior School



Monday 21st March 2022.

Hi Colin,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. The children were absolutely mesmerised and my reception children did not stop talking about what they had seen. We would love to book you in again sometime!

Thank you,


(Anna Lindley, Science Lead, Cottingley Primary Academy, Leeds)

Thursday 10th March 2022.

Hi Colin,

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. It was an amazing day and our children loved it".

Thank you again,

Bethany Atkinson

Chaloner Primary School, Guisborough.

6th January 2022.

“Thanks for yesterday, the children really enjoyed it and it was a fantastic way to kick off our new topic”.

Sarah Beer. KS2 Teacher

Science Leader, Shakespeare Primary School.

Field Lane Primary School, Batley. 16th November 2021. 

Hi Colin, 

"I also wanted to say a big thank you for bringing in the planetarium. I heard a lot of children were excited and buzzing! Many thanks.

Once again thank you for coming into our school". 

Zainab Motara

ACKWORTH SCHOOL (Corum House), Pontefract Road, Ackworth, Pontefract.

7th October 2021.

Dear Colin,

The children loved your session, so did the staff - here are some quotes from the children:

"The planetarium was a rollercoaster of emotions". 

"My favourite thing about Science Week was the planetarium and all the things we did outside".

"My favourite thing about Science Week was the planetarium because I got to lay on the floor and watch all the planets". 

"I loved the planetarium because we learned about different planets and how the universe was made". 

"I like the planetarium because we got to relax and lie down whilst we watch the planets".

"I really want to be an astronaut!" 

Thank you so much - it was definitely worth the wait.


Katie Staton

Head of Teaching and Learning

(Prior to Covid)

Carr Green Primary School, Rastrick, West Yorkshire (Feb 2020)

Feb 28 2020 05:12PM

Hi Colin

Thanks again for a fantastic day on Monday! I've gotten the children to write down what they thought and have typed it up under some more detailed feedback from me. They are still so excited about it and even some of the more reluctant learners are really engaged in our topic!

Thanks again.

Sammy Mullen

Carr Green Primary School, Rastrick.

The Aurora Planetarium was an exceptional experience. It was fantastic to have someone so knowledgeable visit our school and deliver so much information in a way that really engaged the children. Colin prepared a presentation that was pitched perfectly for them and he also captured the interest of parents and carers after school. He was very adaptable around our timetabling needs and made a day that they children won’t forget in a hurry. We very much recommend Aurora Planetarium to those with an interest and especially schools hoping to create a hassle free, easy to organize and memorable experience to help hook in those learners.

Childrens Comments from the day:

  • You made us interested!!

  • I never knew that much about space before, you are amazing.

  • I loved the dome and I learnt a lot.

  • I found out that Pluto is now a dwarf planet. I found out what makes a star.

  • I learnt a lot, the dome was really cool.

  • I LOVED the projector in the dome with the amazing pictures. You are a cool guy as well.

  • I think you were fabulous because you have great facts to tell people.

  • I loved how the dome turned into a movie theatre.

  • I love the facts you told us and the videos.

  • I really enjoyed the dome and all the facts. It really inspired me to love space and you were a great teacher.

  • I liked when we went into the dome.

  • He was very nice and clever. I liked the dome and I learned that the sun will eventually explode.

  • I was really interested and I really want to hear more.

  • I thought he was amazing! He has many facts about space.

  • I learnt a lot of new interesting science facts. I loved the dome to watch lots of mini films. You know loads of facts.

  • I thought the dome was awesome and I would love to go in it again. It was so fun. I LOVED it.

  • I liked it when we watched the videos. It felt like you were flying.

  • I loved when we went in the dome and all the pictures came on the inside.

  • I really liked the dome.

  • I liked how we got to go in the dome.

  • I loved the dome-thing that you had. It was awesome.

  • I loved the dome and how the videos were projected onto the inside.

  • You were really kind. We loved laying down and watching. Super cool!

Teacher Reviews (April)

Apr 30 2019 01:10PM

29/4/19. Morley Victoria Primary School Leeds - James Dougal Year 5 Teacher

"The planetarium really helped the children to visualise the things we've been learning around in class and being able to see it in a more realistic context really helped them to do that as well".

29/4/19. Morley Victoria Primary School Leeds - Miss Owen Year 5 Teacher.

"Colin and his planetarium came this morning, the children really really enjoyed it, it was very informative, Colin was very knowledgeable, the children were really engaged and its really helped support the foundations for the work we're going to be doing back in class.

Apr 22 2019 08:12AM

26/2/19. Half Acres Primary Academy, Castleford - Mrs Mason Year 4.

"We've had the most amazing experience; I’ve learnt things that I didn’t know and I can’t wait to go back to class and inspire them. If I’d been taught science like this at school, perhaps I would have been a science teacher and not English and History”.

26/2/19. Half Acres Primary Academy, Castleford – Sophie Naylor Year 1.“The children absolutely loved the experience, they really enjoyed going on an adventure with the Alien and seeing all the different Planets. Colin was really helpful when he was telling us about all the different men and women who had gone into Space and the children found all that really interesting as well, and have come up with a lot of their own questions that they want to find out from this experience, so thankhe Planets go around the dome”.


26/2/19. Half Acres Primary Academy, Castleford – Carolyn Stuart.

“We had the planetarium in today it was fantastic, lovely visual representation for the children, Colin was really good with the children and all were very engaged in the activity, I wanted to talk all morning about it, had a great time”.

1/3/19. Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School, Rotherham – Mrs Hibbert Year 4.

“The use of questioning at the end so children got chance to ask lots and lots of questions, and the way you answered them was perfect for them and they were well explained at their own level, and obviously you’ve got far more knowledge than I do, So normally I’m like, let me just check, so that was fantastic”.

1/3/19. Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School, Rotherham – Rachel Sharp Year 3.

“We’ve had Colin today for the whole morning, its been absolutely fantastic, the children have learned so much and they’ve been blown away by the visuals what they’ve seen which is going to add so much more to their work, the fact that they can visualise it so largely, it was wonderful”.

1/3/19. St Johns C of E Junior School, Mexborough – Class Teacher.

“Just like to say that Colin was absolutely amazing, the kids were absolutely buzzing and they really enjoyed their planetarium experience”.

7/3/19. Bramley Sunnyside Primary School, Rotherham – Donna Shaw, One to One TA Year 1.

“He has been enraptured this morning, he was in space, as he is a child with complex needs and Space is his favourite topic and I cannot begin to tell you the excitement this little boy had over watching the show''


29/3/19. Dimplewell Infant School, Ossett – Becky Robson.

“We have had an amazing morning with Colin and his planetarium. Our children have learned an immense amount about science in the world and the Solar System. Our children were enthralled so much that they were asking really deep questions which Colin was able to answer clearly and at the right level for our children, I look forward to seeing this again because it was absolutely amazing”.

Wednesday 7th November 2018. Welcome to the Leeds 'School of the Year' 2018 Shakespeare Primary School is a special place where the staff are dedicated to providing the best for all children.

Nov 22 2018 06:13PM

Taken from Shakespeare Primary School, Leeds Website.

To The Stars!

Aurora Planetarium landed in our school hall and took us on a journey of discovery to infinity and beyond.

Colin explained nature, the Solar System and Space beyond our small planet in a fully immersive theatre environment. By showcasing nature, space, science and astronomy all children were able to see things they hadn't seen before.

The planetarium experience was enjoyed by all and has well and truly hooked each pupil into our Stargazers learning project. Colin was very impressed with the quality of questions the children were asking and even passed on space school details to one pupil who wowed him with the knowledge they already had!

Next stop... making a model of the moon's surface in our DT lessons.

The Green Way Academy 12/13th March 2018.

Apr 9 2018 12:00PM

Kicking off British Science week in Hull, with two days of class inputs at The Green Way Academy, a really great time had by all. My favourite comment on one of the days was by an 8yr old boy who said "This is better than school".

This is your Testimonial quote. Use this space to share reviews about your store, your products and the shopping experience at your store. Get your site visitors excited to jump into action!

This is your Testimonial quote. Use this space to share reviews about your store, your products and the shopping experience at your store. Get your site visitors excited to jump into action!

This is your Testimonial quote. Use this space to share reviews about your store, your products and the shopping experience at your store. Get your site visitors excited to jump into action!

This is your Testimonial quote. Use this space to share reviews about your store, your products and the shopping experience at your store. Get your site visitors excited to jump into action!